On February 9 and 10, David Afkham takes the helm of the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra for a riveting trio of works. The program begins with Franz Schreker’s Vorspiel zu einem Drama, composed in 1913. Schreker, a figure associated with the early 20th-century Austro-German school, is often overshadowed by his contemporaries due to his music having been banned by Nazi Germany. Béla Bartók’s Piano Concerto No. 3 in E major, Sz. 119, takes center stage next, featuring pianist Juan Floristán. Composed in 1945, this concerto represents Bartók’s mature style, blending folk elements with modernist techniques. The program culminates with a rendition of Richard Strauss’ Elektra Symphonic Suite, arranged by M. Honeck and T. Ille. Strauss, known for his operatic compositions, presents a symphonic suite derived from his intense opera Elektra. This arrangement distills the essence of the operatic narrative into an instrumental format, enabling listeners to engage with the emotional depth and dramatic tension of the enigmatic musical drama.

David Afkham steps in with the Staatskapelle Dresden